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Bridge suits The use of symmetry for solving maths problems..
Bridge suits Russian Chicago bridge scoring table.
characters all 65,536 16-bit characters.
Ireland map
Some html and javascript samples.
Map a few maps.

Most maps have now moved to

frameshift puzzles Some Frameshift Puzzles.
Puzzle A permutation puzzle.
Sleeping Beauty Some Sleeping Beauty problems, discussed in rec.puzzles in 1999.
crossed heart How not to write the rules of a card game.
18xx An 18xx difference list, of differences in the rules of 1825, 1829, 1830, 1835, 1837, 1841, 1842, 1847, 1849, 1853, 1856, 1870, 1899 and 2038.
18xx A version of the share price movement table for 1827 Jr, which attempts to present the same information as in the rules, but in a more comprehensible form. Viewing this page with Mosaic is not recommended. Use Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Opera.
kanji Emergency kanji recognition for anyone whose computer program has switched into Chinese/Japanese characters.
 Advice on the use of tiny transparent graphics for control of spacing, and other things, in HTML.
  Various usenet postings which I enjoyed enough to want to keep them.

Pages written by Nick at other sites

Map scans of maps.
Tandem spectrum Interpretation of Mass Spectra of Peptides.
tartan A goban parser.
British Skat Association The British Skat Association.
tartan Stuff about tartans, with a tartan generating program.
tartan Betfair Card Derby Racing Calculator.

Pages at other sites, with input from Nick:

cards John McLeod's card games page, an excellent site giving the rules of hundreds of card games.
Zenmachine Zenmachine: Go teaching in Britain
Rhubarb the Clown Rhubarb the Clown, children's entertainer.
go The British Go Association.
a lamb Sally Prime
thika Thika Prime Junior School - Sponsor a child in Kenya.


Liedertafel Liedertafel, an Oxford choir
Summertown Choral Summertown Choral Society, an Oxford choir
Cherwell Singers The Cherwell Singers, an Oxford choir

Some recommended Go-related sites

Sensei's Library logo Sensei's Library Go wiki.
KGS logo KGS, the Kiseido Go Server.
OGS logo The OGS non-real-time Go Server.
LittleGolem logo The LittleGolem non-real-time Go Server.

Throughout 2018, Minchiate Tournaments were not held as usual. See details.
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My pages are written using Notepad++, a good text editor. My experiences of various purpose-built html editors have convinced me that it is better just to use a text editor.

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