Minchiate Tournaments in 2018

Through much of 2018, our son Francis and his family will be living here with Sally and me, while their own house is extended. We will therefore be unable to accommodate Minchiate Tournaments as usual.

The default arrangement will be that people are invited to Oxford to play cards, but the venue will be The Punter, on Osney Island, on Saturday and on Sunday, from 12:00 onwards.

If you want to organise an alternative venue, please let me know: I will list it on this page. Changes of date are possible. Some of the properties leased by the Landmark Trust, such as Goddards, may be suitable.

Current plans are all listed below.


The default described above.

Overnight accommodation, and playing on Friday night, may still be possible. We won't know until a few days before. If you are interested in receiving last-minute updates, please let me know, and I'll email them to you.


Cancelled. I am not available that weekend. I could be persuaded to move it to another weekend (though not the previous or following one), when the Default arrangement would apply.




Saturday Default. We will be in The Punter from 12:00.

Sunday Cancelled.


Relocated to a house just across the Thames from Richmond.

¾ mile walk from Richmond station (District Line, London Overground, and Waterloo-Reading line).


Rescheduled to the weekend of September 1st.
Relocated to a village near Aumale, in Picardy. Accommodation will be limited, but camping will be possible.


Relocated to Ashtead, Surrey, thanks to Tony Cooper.