Frameshift Puzzles

Each of these puzzles consists of: Any of the pages may occupy any of the frames. When a page is in a frame, it will have a button visible in its lower right corner: a different button for each of the four frames. If this button is clicked, it will cause a page (indicated by the color of the button) to appear in a frame (indicated by the shape of the button).

The objective of each puzzle is to cause some particular color to appear in all four frames, as shown in the picture at the top left corner. Unfortunately this produces no special effects, apart from the knowledge that you have solved what is in some cases a surprisingly difficult puzzle.

I offer hints on how to solve these puzzles.

To see these puzzles, you will need a browser that supports frames.


Four frames, four colors, and no dead ends. But difficult.


The original frameshift puzzle.
Four frames, four colors. Very easy to find yourself in a dead end.

Smaller Original

A smaller version of the original frameshift puzzle, for those with 640x480 graphics. Fixes a bug in the original puzzle, which does not affect the solution.


Four frames but only three colors. No dead ends.


The easiest of these puzzles. Three frames, two colors. No dead ends.

Twin A

A pair of similar-looking puzzles, each with three frames and three colors.

Twin B

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