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See our publishing and sound recording activities at Maproom Publications and Maproom Recordings.

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Sheep are very attractive creatures, generally fairly passive and unassuming, and they survive in a wide variety of environments. They have been fittingly described as low entropy textile factories.

Please do visit the web site of The Thika Prime Junior School in Kenya which was founded in 2003 with my help. Many years ago I worked in Kenya at Kenyatta University, and I have always maintained close contact with a few friends there, one of whom is now the Principal of the new school.

Visit my aromatherapist sister Virginia's site to find out more about this fantastic way of addressing your stress!

Other sites relating to singers and singing in the Oxford area which I maintain are:

Liedertafel - a professional vocal quartet based in Oxford founded by Duncan Saunderson.
Nicholas Clapton - professional countertenor and singing teacher.
The Cherwell Singers, a small chamber choir based in Oxford which has some interesting concerts lined up.

I also support and sing with Summertown Choral Society, a traditional choral society in North Oxford conducted by Duncan Saunderson. Members may be interested to see my photos from our choir holidays.

Which leads nicely into the topic of amateur orchestras. If you ever attend a concert of the Oxford Symphony Orchestra, I may be sighted hard at work towards the back of the cello section.

Here is a report from one of my occasional tours around Europe playing obscure card games in the company of John McLeod, web master of the well-known card game site, pagat.com.

The Tappen Players of Münster